What’s up Legend!!

First off, I just want to say that I REALLY appreciate you for stopping by and I hope the recipes and workouts on this site take your health to a whole new level and give you the energy and vitality you need to be your best!

While I’ve always been on the skinny side I still spent most of my childhood years eating junk food like taco bell and burger king. Or when at my friend’s house playing video games for hours on end, I would go for the classic combo of cheezits and mountain dew.

Eventually I started to get curious as to WHAT I was actually putting in my body. As I listened to podcasts like The Genius Life with Max Lugavere and started reading books on the subjects of optimal health I refined my food choices and cut out so much crap that causes a great deal of inflammation and horrible health problems down the road.

Then came the yoga and consistency of working out and pushing my limits. As I tapped into more of my vitality and potential I felt compelled to share this information on proper nutrition and movement. It’s time to reclaim your human potential. Let me be your guide (: