It’s no secret that I love Asian culture.

That includes anime, ninjas, samurai, kung fu and all the mysticism and magic that envelop that nook of the world.


But many of the most famous delicacies like sushi, sashimi, kimchi, etc. are totally off limits to me.

This is because my taste buds have a passionate distaste for both seafood and extremely spicy food overall.

It’s quite unfortunate!

However, I’m always up for tacos! 😁🌮🤤

Especially if they have that satisfying crunch when you bite into them and their dripping with cheese and stuffed with meat that literally melts in your mouth.

Heck, I’m salivating just thinking about it! Aren’t you?

Not to worry, these tacos have all the aforementioned qualities of the perfect handheld flavor bomb and then some.

They’re sweet, tangy, crunchy and of course SUPER messy.

It’s basically a stir-fry rolled up.

crunchy asian power tacos

Like a stir-fry you have nutritious veggies like carrots, cabbage, lettuce (and whatever else you want). Then you toss in the meats for some extra protein.

I opted for some mango chicken sausage. And then on top we use a sauce that will truly bring out that Asian zing. I used Kevin’ Natural Foods Paleo Teriyaki sauce which has coconut aminos and zero soy!

Ok so I’m going to take a sec now and rave about my new favorite tortillas to wrap all of this goodness in.

La Tortilla factory has created the most versatile and easy to hold gluten-free tortillas on planet earth. They’re made with cauliflower and apple cider vinegar.

Check out the image below for the ingredients. No weird oils like canola or extra unhealthy junk added that you could definitely do without!

And they’re quite large which works well for holding all this delicious mess together!

Another awesome company for tortillas is Siete. They use almond flour and cassava flour which is a root vegetable that is packed with fiber for better digestion.

Siete’s tend to be smaller than la tortilla’s and they take longer to harden up. This makes them a great option for really soft tacos. But the hard shells they have are also amazing! I haven’t tried them yet but Siete also has large burrito size tortillas you can grab on their site.

Ok let’s get into it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

And check out this recipe for something that’s also delicious, easy and endlessly modifiable!

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