Where my fellow Italiano homies at?

I’m actually more than half Italian which means it’s literally in my blood to devour pasta (gluten free mind you) and guzzle down olive oil like it’s water haha.


Although I’ll be real and let you know that it’s not the same love affair with wine, unless it’s fruity and not earthy.

Hey, who ya calling fruity?

Italian food is the ultimate comfort food but all those carbs can make you crash HARD.

Which is why I’m always looking for real food creations that actually give you energy and are delicious at the same time with all the right spices, fats and wholesome flavor.

A fantastic and easy way to get loads of veggies in your everyday meals is through spiralizing.

Most spiralizers are made of plastic and are cheaply made, hence why the handle broke off my old one. So I suggest you grab an industrial metal spiralizer, it’s not pricey and it definitely won’t be falling apart anytime soon.

This is the one I use. It comes with 3 different blades. And it’s less than a large gluten free pizza.

My go-to option for spiralizing is zucchini which many don’t know is actually a fruit!

But you could also use butternut squash or even a carrot for this recipe. Fyi it’s just best with zucchini.

While you could use any kind of cheese to give a Mediterranean/Italian vibe, nothing is as creamy and fit’s the flavor profile we want than goat cheese, but hey feel free to also use parmesan, grated mozzarella, etc.

For protein we can toss in some bacon bit’s, chicken (grill it for that rustic taste), or steak.

To make this even more Italian you can add sundried tomatoes and pine nuts.

Follow the recipe below and let me know what you think! Mangia mangia!

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