Succulent pistachio chicken melds with earthy olive oil to deliver a two punch flavor combo of fats and protein that will fuel your brain and help with the gains!

This 3 ingredient flavor explosion is super easy to whip up if you are pressed for time and it’s also perfect if you hate spending an hour extra in the kitchen cleaning up the food that splattered everywhere while making that tantalizing dish you saw on the gram.

Isn’t that what the cool kids call Instagram nowadays or is that just me?

So pick up a large bag of pistachios (without the shells cause that would hurt) next time you are in the supermarket.

And look for free range or organic chicken tenders preferably not fed soy or binders or the scraps of whatever the farmhand ate for dinner. Yikes!

It’s best if it tells you who helped tend to the chickens before they were slaughtered so you know it’s a clean source which also means better vibrational positive energy in the food if that chicken lived a rather stress free life (before it was killed)

When you head out snatch up a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in a dark bottle.

Why dark bottle? 🤔

Not my image. Courtesy of unsplash. Cool bottle though

Because it means that the oil is less exposed to outside light which can oxidize the oil causing the formation of free radicals and subsequently oxidative stress and eventually breaking down the structure of your cells.

This causes premature aging in your body. Not cool!

I think we all should want to live as long as possible don’t you think?

Free radicals caused by oxidized oils also creates widespread inflammation throught the body and effects the brain.

This can impair development and assist with the formation (overtime) of amyloid beta plaque responsible for alzheimers and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Not good!

To be on the safe side, the oil should also come from a local source, in other words your country.

So somewhere known for quality olive oil like California if you happen to be in the US for example. Here’s a bottle of Cobram Estate California olive oil I was using for a while. 

There are of course exceptions to not sourcing locally  if you trust that the oil wasn’t blended with oil from multiple other countries which could inadvertently cause mycotoxins (mold) to form if the olives were mishandled and not fresh.

The best olive oil is from Napa Valley California, various parts of Greece, Tunisia, Italy, and Spain.

Recently Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club has become my recommended option for acquiring mold free FRESH olive oil from overseas.

This membership based club is partnered with the hard-working locals in the areas the oils are harvested. They put their heart and soul into choosing the most exquisite and pristine olive oil.

Here’s the bottle that I got from the initial $1 investment. Each quarter of the year it only costs around $20 as the finest olive oil that’s in season is sent directly to your doorstep.

Trust me my friend you have NEVER tasted genuine quality olive oil like the ones from Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club.

fresh pressed olive oil club tuscan olive oil bottle
Prunetti tuscan olive oil from Fresh Pressed Olive OIl Club

Start your $1 membership here and cancel anytime.

I guarantee you won’t once you try it!

It used to be that oils were transported overseas on a ship that would take months to reach the US.

Thankfully nowadays most companies are choosing the quicker route with delivery on aircraft.

To touch on the previous point a bit more since they take so long to arrive (if on ship) the oil can lose it’s potency and the brain protecting benefits of the oleocanthal become diminished inside the oil.

Oleocanthal is the primary antioxidant (anti-oxidation) along with another antioxidant oleuropein which can stave off the aformentioned neurodegenerative maladies.

You can tell your olive oil has a high amount of oleocanthal if you get a strong peppery aftertaste in the back of your throat and tongue.

  • Stachios?
  • Organic free-range chicken?
  • Quality olive oil?

Now all that’s missing is a spice blend to really make your taste buds dance!

I have been using McCormick Himalayan sea salt mix which is also paleo and free from msg or other unnecessary granules of death found in most generic spice blends.

Himalayan sea salt is PACKED with trace minerals (hence why it’s pink) and this blend gives a delicious rustic flavor when paired with any meat or even potatoes!

White sweet potatoes + this spice blend are a match made in culinary heaven fyi!

And of course you need a food processor!

I suppose you could use a blender as long as you don’t forget you started making the pistachio mix but then decided to start blending in everything you need for that killer protein shake.

Just so you know chocolate protein powder combined with pistachios and olive oil is NOT a great combo!

Enough of my chattering, Follow the recipe below to make this melt-in-your-mouth oily goodness for yourself and let me know how you liked it in the comments below!

pistachio chicken tenders

Better yet share it with a fellow legend and health warrior that needs some new on-the-fly post-workout meal ideas or for impressing that hot date with his cooking skills.

The magic of this recipe is that you can change it up depending on the spices, the sauce, added veggies or even the cheese you use.

For instance, before mixing everything together in the processor try these options:

  • Mediterranean: Add sundried tomatoes with olive oil, Italian seasoning, pine nuts. You could make a pizza version with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce instead of olive oil. Use halloumi cheese , chickpeas/hummus, greens and olives for a greek spin.
  • Middle Eastern: Add spices like turmeric or use a dukkah blend (chopped hazelnuts,pepper,sesame seeds) with the olive oil.
  • Spanish/Mexican-Add Mexican cheese blend (3 cheese/manchego,etc) before blending and after chicken is ready to be baked. Add spices like cumin,paprika,cilantro,cayenne pepper,etc
  • Asian : Blend in gluten free soy sauce (or this) and peanuts. Serve with side of black rice or ramen. And asian spices. See this recipe.

Just get creative! It’s delicious regardless what combo you choose!!

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