Three tools every entrepreneur should use to eliminate distractions on social media


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Our attention is a commodity.

Where your attention goes your focus then flows.

And what you focus on combined with the information you take in through all your senses can have a significant impact on your thinking, your levels of motivation, your emotional control and ultimately shape who you become in this world.

Unfortunately there is an onslaught of distractions that show up the most prevalent on social media in the context of advertisements, random posts from friends, or the barrage of news articles cluttering your twitter feed.

It’s impossible to stay intentional with your time and actually ONLY message a colleague or to quickly post to IG then pop off to enjoy the rest of your day.

I’m sick of seeing so many mission driven entrepreneurs and creative folks succumbing to this vortex of stimulation that provides one dopamine injection after the other.

As a society we are hooked on this never ending soup of mediocrity being fed through our devices mostly from people who just want attention and followers and to take your precious money.

We can’t so blindly allow ourselves to be subjected to this digital chaos, as it erodes our self worth (through the act of comparison to the perfect lives some “influencers” portray) and we end up buying courses we don’t need and get taken off the path that was actually leading us closer to our goals and dreams.

Youtube is a great medium to indulge in a huge assortment of topics you find interesting but the suggested videos that cling to the side of every page can suck you into a black hole of related topics and eventually hours pass by and you forget why you were on YouTube in the first place.

The convo with yourself might look like this…

“Oh that’s right, I was supposed to watch that Facebook marketing training!

Wait…if that’s the case WHY am I watching this photoshop tutorial on how to remove a background from my facebook post?

Arggh I need to focus!”

If you don’t want these distractions taking over your focus (and life) watch the video above which uses a few incredibly effective chrome extensions that literally sweep up all of that unwanted gunk covering your social media pages.

Chrome extensions mentioned:


👉 FB (Fluff Busting) PURITY


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