Use This Underrated Component Of Success To Dominate Your Day!


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How you start your day should be just like the opening sequence from Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

This analogy will all make sense in a moment so bear with me and keep reading…

The movie opens up with Ethan Hunt escaping from a grimy Russian prison as he swiftly beats the shit out of the inmates that chase after him.


As Ethan and his IMF cohorts rendezvous in the cavernous area below the prison, the camera pans away from the frenetic action as you hear the subtle buildup of strings beckoning with anticipation of what’s to come…

Then Ethan lights a fuse that starts racing along the wire, twisting and turning in sync to the symphony until the determined flame reaches its destination.

In this case it’s the bomb to blow the prison to smithereens.

 That lonely spark represents a key component of success.

I’m talking about Momentum.

Most people slam the snooze button on the alarm and keep their flame momentarily snuffed out.


Then an hour or so later they launch into the day an hour or more later albeit without a coherent plan for what’s to come next.

It’s understandable as it truly does take an enormous amount of mental energy to force yourself out of bed when your alarm goes off if you’re so used to the routine of smashing the snooze over and over again.

Chemists call this force “activation energy” which in normal terms is the amount of energy required to start a chemical reaction.

But in this case it’s the push for yourself that you must turn on when you’re alarm goes off despite the resistance from your brain and body urging you to do otherwise. 

You can use the 5 second rule discussed in detail below to eventually make this process easier and just something you instinctively do.

In other words when the alarm goes off you’re up, no questions asked.

🔥Momentum Booster: Prepare The Night Before


Last night is the time when you must define what the top priorities for your life and business will be for the next day.

If you think you will find the time in the morning to figure this out it will be too late and too much mental energy will be expended trying to decide what you should do.

Just like an architect creating a blueprint for the construct he’s about to build, so should you have a concise blueprint for your day.

Don’t leave the day up to chance or last minute planning.

That’s what amateurs do.

As entrepreneur Brian Tracy say’s:

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Here’s the thing: when you plan your day you must be super-specific. 

The subconscious mind needs a clear strategy so it can toss around ideas and organize them into a logical plan subconsciously throughout the night to help you perform your best when it comes time to sit down and execute the next day.

It’s also very helpful to know what every hour of your day will look like as it unfolds. Don’t allow the world to mold your intentions for you. 

Instead be proactive. Script it out piece by piece, hour by hour (or 30 minute increments) on paper.

You can use the amazing Plan & Conquer Sheet to plan your day.

If you’re a tech wiz that doesn’t like the old ways, transcribe that data into a digital format with Google Calendar or something similar.


It’s worth repeating in a different way:

The only purpose of a morning routine is to help you be more mentally ready and physically optimized to win the day showing up as a better version of yourself.

If you get that you’re golden.

So take some time to set up a morning routine and color in the time-frame for it in your calendar.

Follow that up by creating an evening routine to end your day with the habits that allow your body to reset and be ready for tomorrow.


Color in the time-frame for that also.

  • Do some light yoga
  • Drink caffeine-free tea
  • Meditate
  • Jot down your “battle plan’ for the next day
  • Dive into an inspiring book or listen to classical music if that’s your jam

The kind of information you expose your senses and mind to before you go to sleep will greatly impact your level of motivation and emotional state the next day.

This is known as the “recency effect”  

So priming your brain by reading an inspiring book like The Alchemist, watching a Ted Talk, or listening to empowering audio from groups like Fearless Motivation will usually be the first things you think about upon rising.

Let’s backtrack for a sec.

Prior to starting this evening routine there should be a time in your calendar where you totally cut yourself off from any work so you can be with the people that matter and wind your brain down.

Also set an alarm on your phone with the label “🛑 Stop Work”.

Let’s take this a step further because I want you to be a BOSS tomorrow!

An hour before bed consider doing any of the following:

  • Sleep in your workout clothes,  put your sneakers next to your bed, and roll out your yoga mat
  • Have shake premixed and ready to slurp down
  • Lay out your clothes for after the gym

Before moving onto the next part I’m going to ask you a question…

Have you ever heard of “decision fatigue”?

It’s the reason why Mark Zuckerberg wore the same gray hoodie and why Steve Jobs wore the same black turtleneck with jeans.

They understood that…

The more choices you have to make in the day the faster your supply of willpower dwindles down. 

Tweet that out on the interwebz because this is an important concept for people to tattoo to their brain as you focus on a multitude of things throughout the day.

Eventually you become burnt out and can’t make the right rational decisions.

This “burnout” is known as “cognitive overload”

Basically your brain is maxed out.

Find ways you can limit decision fatigue and stop overloading your brain with too many choices.

According to Duke University professor and author Dan Ariely the first two to three hours of your day are when you will be the most productive with an ample supply of willpower and cognitive energy.

Like Steve or Zuck it’s completely alright to have a closet full of black shirts and just a few pairs of jeans or whatever simple style works for you.

One other thing:

Do you always find yourself switching up your tunes when working on something? 

Instead limit decision fatigue when it comes to music choices and create a Spotify playlist with a consistent style of music, or download music from youtube to mp3 using this and listen to music from a folder on your computer that you call “focus music”.

Soon your brain will become familiar with the tracks and this will help you get and stay in the zone.

Perfect example: right now I’m using a sound from youtube simply called “airplane ambiance” and it immediately helps me focus.

In this regard I find that white noise and humming sounds (like a fan) do the trick.

🔥 Momentum Booster: Awaken Your Resolve

Carpe diem means seize the day.

Isn’t latin a kickass language? 😆

Take a sec, close your eyes for a moment and imagine it’s 5:00 am.

Suddenly you hear your alarm going off in the other room. 

As you rise out of bed to turn it off a slight smirk comes across your face because you know that by taking on the day early you have a leg up over the timid souls who don’t have an intention for their day.

That’s why I advise you to wake up earlier than you currently are.

Start with setting your alarm 15 minutes before.

Then next week lower it again by 15 more minutes. Yep, that’s 30 minutes before your current wake time!

Of course there will be resistance as you’re doing something outside your zone of comfort.

Your body’s internal clock (aka the circadian rhythm) will also need to adapt to this change in schedule.

So just keep working at it a week or so until you find yourself wide awake moments before your alarm goes off.

I mention this in greater detail and provide a bunch of other sleep tips in this post It’s definitely not easy to change your default way of living.

Your brain is a muscle and you have to train yourself to install a new pattern of operating.

But all habits are built over time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

A simple way to make this wake time consistency stick is to use the alarm app on your phone and set your sleep and wake time for the same time everyday once you find a set time that works for your life and goals.

Be sure to have your phone in another room so you don’t just hit the snooze button and say  “screw it” before crashing back in your bed. 

 Or use my favorite new option to get your ass out of bed called The Rock Alarm. 


This was created by Dwayne Johnson (yep that one) to motivate you to “get your ass out of bed”

Sadly it’s only available for android users and it’s NOT in the apple app store.

BUT you can still download it here if you are an android user. 

Enable “download from unknown sources” in your phone’s settings to install the APK. 

In The Rock Alarm you can choose tons of different curated sounds created by the rock.

This includes gorilla’s grunting with tribal drums in the background and electric guitar strumming making it feel like you’re a rock god with legions of adoring fans beckoning you to show up and slay the scene. 

In the app you can input a goal you’re striving to achieve and the app will show your progress each day as you move closer to the deadline set for the goal.

The Rock’s voice should coerce you into rising with gusto as fast as humanely possible. 

It’s up to you to listen and GET MOVING! 

And really : Who better to hold you accountable to take on the day? 

Here’s something else to pound into your consciousness:

NEVER, EVER check your email or scroll through social media at least 90 minutes after waking.

Doing so overloads your brain with stress chemicals like cortisol and scatters your focus. 

As the highest paid peak performance coach in the world Brendon Burchard say’s:

“The inbox is nothing more than a convenient filing system for other people’s agendas” ~Brendon Burchard

So please for your own sake and those you are here to impact don’t get swept up into the minutiae of other people’s wants and needs that aren’t aligned with your goals, commitments and highest aspirations.

🔥 Momentum Booster: Develop A Morning Routine


When that alarm chimes…It’s GO TIME!

I developed a simple but incredibly effective morning process designed to prepare you for your day and show up as healthier, energized, and ready for whatever life throws at you. It’s called The Warrior Ignition Protocol.

You can see the full breakdown and set this whole process up for yourself by heading over to my other site

Remember: How you START your day dictates how you will END your day!

🔥Momentum Booster: Slice Up Your Tasks


Let’s go back to planning & preparing the night before. 

You hopefully have your most important cognitively demanding task written down in your planner or the plan & conquer sheet along with a few other necessary tasks that will move the needle. 

And some personal tasks because we all have  things like doctor’s appointments lol. 

Anyway, I call this key objective your “core focus priority” (CFP)

I’ll stress this again: 

Clarity is key when you define your cfp. 

To reduce the crippling overwhelm of having to chop away at a massive project like an online course or the first chapter of your fantasy novel it is a fantastic idea to slice it all up into smaller more manageable chunks, ie sub-components that serve the main tasks. 

Before his masterpiece David was finished, Michelangelo first started with a large slab of stone that was overgrown with weeds and gunk. 

This was certainly a challenge to transform the disfigured rubble into a finely detailed artistic specimen of human anatomy. 

Nevertheless he began chiseling away each day seeing progress along the way until he was able to unveil his masterpiece to the world.


That being said, your brain absolutely LOVES progress and it’s actually one of the main motivators for human beings knowing we are progressing towards an objective that’s meaningful to us. 

Progress also squirts a bit of dopamine into your brain feeding even more of a desire to keep going. 

Dopamine is the brain’s anticipation and reward chemical.

It’s also released when you think about an upcoming trip to an exotic destination or when you’re about to give a speech to a room full of people you admire. 

And your brain is majorly motivated to repeat an action if it receives positive feedback from doing that thing. 

If what was initially difficult can in fact be conquered, then you let your brain know that it’s doable for the future when you go through the same process again. 

That means less resistance and more confidence. You’ll feel super accomplished when the sun sets knowing you are making HUGE strides towards your goals.

And these smaller tasks that lead to the completion of the main task should also be very specific.

An analogy I like to use is making a ham & cheese sandwich.


You wouldn’t go for the large thick tavern ham devoured during a giant holiday feast because that would be too much to wrap your mouth around when you have all the layers in place.

Nope, you need the ham to be as thin as possible so you could squish the sandwich down while leaving plenty of room for anything else to complete your sandwich creation such as chips or pickles.

On that tasty note I want to point out that events and things will happen in your day that are totally unexpected and out of your control.

Leaving extra wiggle room by knowing exactly what’s required to efficiently slay a task in a reasonable time frame will give you the ability to deal with other things.

This also affords you the opportunity to build a consistent schedule that you can return to every week with extra activities such as learning a new language, enjoying a movie-night with your spouse, attending toastmasters, developing your judo skills,etc.


Narrowing down your tasks is only one piece of the productivity puzzle.

I alluded to this already but it’s worth repeating that you must instill a sense of urgency and have a time frame and deadline to complete each sub-task. That’s where the technique of Pomodoro comes into play.

Invented by Italian economist Francisco Parillo, The Pomodoro technique aka “tomato technique” consists of 25 minutes of a laser-focused attack on a task.


This is followed by 10-15 minutes of recovery or “transition” time which may involve stretching, taking a walk outside to clear your thoughts, or whatever else you need to do to be mentally renewed for the next set of tasks.

When I’m working on a project that has many components my preference is to first go with a process made popular by Cal Newport in his exceptional book Deep Work.

Cal recommends periods of 90 minutes of uninterrupted devout concentration on a single task.


This is “deep work”. I usually go into “deep work mode” for the first hour after my morning protocol on the core priority of the day.

That ensures you have enough time to complete the task or at least a huge portion of it. The rest of the tasks in your day can be cleaned up with a smaller time frame.  

Newport calls less cognitively demanding tasks  “shallow work”. This isn’t just other less important business tasks, it could also be simple things like cleaning your house, calling a friend, or writing down your grocery list.

I totally get it: Ninety minutes may seem like an awfully long time to be at your computer.

But it actually works with your brain’s timing of how long it can sustain focus before its starts seriously wandering and the demands are cognitively too much to handle.

Lower the time to complete a task based on the requirements of the task itself.

The smaller the time frame the more deliberate you have to be with every second to knock out the task before the timer beeps.

By doing this you are invoking Parkinson’s Law which states that “work expands to fill the time allotted for that work until it’s complete” (That’s a paraphrase)

Experiment with a time-frame that fits both your schedule and mental energy.

Here’s some of the best Pomodoro applications available:

Pomodoro App 1 –🌲 Forest


In this app the time counts down as a virtual tree is slowly planted.

As more virtual trees are planted , overtime it will reward you with coins that can fund the planting of REAL trees in regions across Africa.

Forest also functions as a website blocker so you stay focused on the task at hand.

Tragically your little tree will die if blocked sites are accessed during a planting session or if you just use any app on your phone.

You can turn that feature off but it gives you an incentive to work smarter with urgency for the time you choose.

Forest is also available as a chrome extension and is cross device compatible so no matter what you’re using you can plant your trees and get to work.

Pomodoro App 2 – 🌊 Tide ( 


This is a unique app that has a multitude of high quality soundscapes to help you focus. Some of these sounds are weird..

  • Cat purring,
  • Soup stewing
  • A woodpecker pecking
  • People playing tennis
  • Coffee beans being ground.

Still, the rhythmic qualities of these sounds are enough to bring you into the zone of creative output just like the focus playlist I talked about above.

Tide FM comes as a chrome extension with limited sounds available.

But the pro version of the mobile app really shines because it has WAY more sounds and even meditation tracks to help you be more productive, relieve stress, and overcome addictions,etc.

Here’s a few of my favorite sounds:

  • Bamboo (sounds of rain pattering down in a bamboo forest. Very calming but also focus inducing)
  • River
  • Campfire
  • Roof (also in the chrome extension)
  • Rain
  • Forest (happy chirping of birds on a bright sunny day)
  • Cafe (sometimes being immersed in a high energy environment with chatter is stimulating)

I truly love the option in Tide’s focus mode that requires you to flip your phone screen down before the sounds and timer starts.

This prevents you from checking your phone during a focus session.

And now unto one of my favorite finds to actually get yourself to do the stuff you put off all the time.

🔥Momentum Booster: The 5 Second Rule


Nope, this isn’t the often debated idea that you have just five seconds to pick up your food from the ground before nasty germs chew away at it.

Or was that the 10 second rule?

Anyway, I digress…

This rule has the ability to actually change your life.

A bold claim I know, but this was certainly true for speaker, renowned life coach and author Mel Robbins who discovered this miraculous mind hack after one night of watching a rocket launch on TV.


Let’s take you back to the beginning…

Before her breakthrough success Mel was under immense financial stress.

Following a failed media career her husband Chris had his 7 chain pizza business empire fall apart.

Bills began showing up and every time she picked up the phone it was bound to be a creditor.

She did what most would do in this dire situation: She disconnected her phone and ignored her responsibilities.

Every morning she would lay in bed filled with dread and chose to reject the notion of actually beginning her day and doing something about her derailed life.

Mel constantly smashed that evil snooze button giving in to the temptation to wrap herself in comfort under the warm bliss of the sheets.

As a result she missed out on taking her daughters to school and really being available for her family.

One day Mel decided that enough was enough.

Recalling the rocket launch she saw on TV the night before, Mel cried out 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1  before literally BLASTING out of bed in a way that would make even Elon Musk drop his jaw.


Miraculously this simple concept of 5-4-3-2-1 worked!

Absolutely flabbergasted, Mel started researching WHY this simple phrase led her to take back control of her life and be the mother for her daughters when they needed her the most.

And then help her go on to kick-start a massively successful and purpose driven career as an inspiration for people all over the world.

It turns out that The 5 Second Rule is a form of meta-cognition.

That’s just a fancy smancy word that means it’s a technique to outsmart your brain and be one step ahead of your habitual way of acting.

It’s also known as what psychologists call a “starting ritual” that can be linked to any habit you want to break or develop.

The key is to preface the action of acting on a desired habit or impulse with 5-4-3-2-1.

In case you’re curious:  Counting FORWARD (1-2-3-4-5) doesn’t work, you’ll literally just keep counting.

The 5 Second Rule works in tandem with how your brain naturally behaves when you decide to do something that pushes you outside your comfort zone.

Examples are when you are about to work on a challenging project, jump out of a plane (yikes), approach a wild animal, ask someone on a date, etc.


Or maybe it’s taking on that grueling HIIT workout. As soon as you anticipate taking the plunge into the unknown your limbic system, the most ancient and primal part of your brain, FREAKS THE HELL OUT!

This alerts the amygdala, aka the brain’s fear response center, that something is about to happen that it’s not ok with. Danger Will Robinson.

In these first few seconds the alarm bells ring and the negative voices in your mind whisper words of doubt and coerce you into staying safe.

That’s right : It only takes five seconds for your brain to stop you from taking action!

But here’s the thing… The 5 Second Rule completely negates this response and allows you to harness the time normally spent in fear and uncertainty and instead transform it into a moment of swift action taking.


As you count backward from 5 and land on 1 the limbic system actually shuts off for a few seconds. 5 seconds to be exact.

After this, the prefrontal cortex (aka the conscious decision-making center of your brain) assumes control overriding your base instincts and the urges to withdraw and play it safe.

Here’s the definition of the rule in Mel’s own words…

The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must 5-4-3-2-1 and move or your brain will stop you ~Mel Robbins

Or in the words of Nike: Just Do It!

Seriously, just do something that moves you towards your goals at that moment.

I can’t stress this enough: Don’t wait longer than 5 seconds or your limbic system will stop you.

  • 5-4-3-2-1 jump back into a plank for those rounds of burpees
  • 5-4-3-2-1 open your mouth and say something nice to that attractive person!
  • 5-4-3-2-1 start typing on the keyboard right after you countdown for the first 3 sentences of that epic book chapter that’s been mulling around in your head.
  • 5-4-3-2-1 grab the phone and dial that prospect for your business proposition

This is just one tool in your mental arsenal you can use to take back your day, build momentum and stay on course and as you know now momentum is the secret sauce to crushing your day.

That wraps up this post..

Let me know if anything I shared helped you in the comments below!

Seriously, any insights or AHA moments give me a shout out with your thoughts!

Really appreciate you taking the time to read this! And please share this with ANYONE that can benefit!

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