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Four SUREFIRE methods to INSTANTLY counter unhelpful mental and emotional states

There are various catalysts in our day to day experience that cause our emotions and subsequently our state of mind to go haywire. You may still have a mundane job that drains you of energy and you’re just getting off a long 10 hour shift at work.

Or an extremely disgruntled driver with an ample amount of road rage cuts you off all of a sudden in the middle of the highway.

For many of us in these scenarios we would react without a second thought spurting expletives and showing that driver a piece of our mind.

The consequences of our emotional outburst would not be at the forefront of our thoughts.

But realize something:

You have COMPLETE control over HOW you react in any situation in life. #reactdifferentlyClick to Tweet

Victor Frankl was a psychologist that lived during the tumultuous events of the evil Nazi regime’s torture of the Jewish population.

Shortly after entering the concentration camps at Auschwitz, Victor was separated from his loved ones.

He then spent three years in the most vile and inhumane conditions, constantly beaten by the Nazi guards and forced to march miles in the bitter cold.

Throughout this horrific experience Victor astonishingly kept a positive frame of mind and did not let what happened to him dictate his self worth.

In his book Man’s Search For Meaning, Victor had a realization that you can take with you into your daily experience whenever you feel prone to impulsively react to situations in an angry or unhelpful manner.

He said the following…

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to CHOOSE our response. In our response lies our GROWTH and our FREEDOM. ~Victor Frankl

But perhaps the unhelpful emotions that you succumb to are one’s that have a direct effect on you personally.

Take fear for example.

In recent years psychologists have found out that fear and excitement produce the same physiological response in the body. Your palm’s will be sweaty, armpits moist, and there’s accompanying uncertainty in the mind with the amygdala attempting to stop you from doing something uncertain or uncomfortable.

Take for example speaking on stage to thousands of people who you really WANT to serve and impact with your unique message.

They are rooting for you to give your best and believe in you.

If you truly know that you desire to show up and give a great speech with helpful information that could positively transform their life, well the ONLY thing that is stopping you from going out their and doing that is how you feel mentally and physically, as well as any limiting belief’s that hold you back, but that’s a topic for another time.

Most people listen to the cues from their body thinking it’s a bad thing that they are feeling hesitant and scared.

In reality as I mentioned above, it’s really just your body and brain syncing together letting you know that it’s EXCITED that you are about to give it your all on that stage, or to jump out of that airplane.

Side note: I have a massive fear of heights and that’s not changing anytime soon lol.

So regardless of whatever unhelpful emotion you are witnessing in your day that doesn’t serve your best interests in the moment, such as anger, timidness,uncertainty,apathy,etc.

You can use what I share in the video above to transform how you react and show up in your day starting from the very next moment after implementing these tactics.

Here are the 4 methods to counter unhelpful mental and emotional states.

  1. The Time Interruption Clap Technique
  2. Cancel Cancel
  3. I’m Not Thinking About That
  4. A.N.T.’s  protocol by Daniel Amen

Btw, here are the 9 Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.T.’s) Daniel Amen created for you to Identify and work through. (source)

  1. All-or-Nothing ANTs:
    • Black or white, only good or bad thinking.
  2. Less-Than ANTs:
    • Comparing yourself in a lesser light to others
  3. Just-the-Bad ANTs:
    • ONLY seeing what’s bad in a situation.
  4. Guilt-Beating ANTs:
    • Thought’s filled with guilt ridden word’s like should,might,could
  5. Labeling ANTs:
    • Thought’s that place a negative label on you or another person
  6. Fortune-Telling ANTs:
    • With little evidence you “predict” the worst possible outcome of a situation
  7. Mind-Reading ANTs:
    • Thinking you know what other people are thinking even though they haven’t told you.
  8. If-Only_ and I’ll-Be-Happy-When ANTs:
    • Longing for an outcome only when when certain scenarios are met in your life
      • Ex: I’ll be happy when I get that raise, I’ll be happy when I get that new car,I’ll be happy when I’m in great shape,etc.
  9. Blaming ANTs:
    • Being a victim and blaming another person or circumstance for your problem’s.

Three tools every entrepreneur should use to eliminate distractions on social media

Our attention is a commodity.

Where your attention goes your focus then flows.

And what you focus on combined with the information you take in through all your senses can have a significant impact on your thinking, your levels of motivation, your emotional control and ultimately shape who you become in this world.

Unfortunately there is an onslaught of distractions that show up the most prevalent on social media in the context of advertisements, random posts from friends, or the barrage of news articles cluttering your twitter feed.

It’s impossible to stay intentional with your time and actually ONLY message a colleague or to quickly post to IG then pop off to enjoy the rest of your day.

I’m sick of seeing so many mission driven entrepreneurs and creative folks succumbing to this vortex of stimulation that provides one dopamine injection after the other.

As a society we are hooked on this never ending soup of mediocrity being fed through our devices mostly from people who just want attention and followers and to take your precious money.

We can’t so blindly allow ourselves to be subjected to this digital chaos, as it erodes our self worth (through the act of comparison to the perfect lives some “influencers” portray) and we end up buying courses we don’t need and get taken off the path that was actually leading us closer to our goals and dreams.

Youtube is a great medium to indulge in a huge assortment of topics you find interesting  but the suggested videos that cling to the side of every page can suck you into a black hole of related topics and eventually hours pass by and you forget why you were on youtube in the first place.

The convo with yourself might look like this…

“Oh that’s right, I was supposed to watch that Facebook marketing training! 

Wait…if that’s the case WHY am I watching this photoshop tutorial on how to remove a background from my facebook post?

Arggh I need to focus!”

If you don’t want these distractions taking over your focus (and life) watch the video above which uses a few incredibly effective chrome extensions that literally sweep up all of that unwanted gunk covering your social media pages.

Chrome extensions mentioned:


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